High purity

High clarity

Biological fermentation Technology (no animal source).

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    Sodium Hyaluronate can be customized with 2000-2.4 million Da, We offer different heaped density ,different content,different particle size customization and package customization.

    overseas warehousing in the United States and Europe

    Each test data and test results will be recorded carefully by our ?laboratory technician. And we will keep sample storage for every batch of product.

    It was fermented by streptococcus epizootic, no animal sources, high purity and high content. Low protein content


  • Food Grade

    Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid, HA) is a linear high molecular weight mucopolysaccharide composed by thousands of repeating disaccharide units of D-glucu...

  • Cosmetics Grade

    In cosmetic industry,the formulators are striving to get safer and more efficient cosmetic raw materials, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA), which is well know as natur...

  • Eyedrops Grade

    This product is 1% Sodium Hualuronate aqueous solution with Sodium Hyaluronate powder dissolving in injection grade water....

  • Pharma Grade

    Li yang is a pharmaceutical grade sodium hyaluronate developed by qufu LIYANG biochem CO.,Ltd., which can be used as an API or excipient for drugs and medical...

  • Low molecular polyglutamate

    Molecular weight: 50,000-100,000, can mildly inhibit tyrosinase activity, inhibit the production of melanin, antioxidant and pigmentation, and compared with t...

  • Polyglutamic acid PGA

    Molecular weight: 70-- 1.1 million It can rapidly film on the skin surface and effectively increase the content of natural moisturizing factor (N.M.F) in t...

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ShanDong Liyang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is located in the Eastern Holy City--Qufu, which is the hometown of Confucius. Founded in 2010, Liyang total assets is 30 million RMB. As professional manufacturer of high-quality Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronic acid, we devote to health and beauty career of humankind. LiYang is specialized in manufacturing and selling Sodium Hyaluronate (food grade and cosmetic grade), hyaluronic acid, Hayluronic Acid Original Fluid. The products have obtained high appraise and recognized by domestic and oversea client for high purity, various mol...
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